Hello From Kennie + Kenny

Do you live to travel but find yourself hindered by costs, difficulty planning, time constraints, safety concerns, or fear of the unknown? If so, you have come to the right place! We’re the two Kennies, Kennie Schoenekase and Sarah Kenny, two NYC besties that are totally travel obsessed. We dream about our next adventure, spend endless hours researching, make incredibly detailed itineraries, and travel as much as possible! To us, traveling isn’t just about relaxing on a holiday, it’s about experiencing cultures, pushing our comfort zones, gaining new perspectives, and venturing into the unknown. Traveling pushes us to grow as individuals, as we view the world through new eyes, open our minds, gain appreciation for what we have, and connect with people from around the world. 

Our Mission:

Kennie’s Compass started as a passion project, on a mission to change the way you travel by sharing our personal journeys and travel tips through our website and social media. Our aim is to help you get your dreams off the ground, experience travel to its fullest, and create lifelong memories! We hope that our website will inspire you and guide you on your own journey, as well as serve as a resource for you to travel smarter, not harder!

Meet Us

Kendall Schoenekase

Currently living in NYC, but raised in Kansas City, Kendall is a Christ-loving, ray of sunshine. By day Kendall is a Family Nurse Practitioner, employed by one of the nations top hospitals, Mount Sinai. Prior to living in NYC, Kendall graduated from the University of Arkansas as a Registered Nurse. In the following years she competed and won Miss Kansas 2016 for the Miss America Organization, which allowed her to complete her Masters of Science in Nursing at Belmont University. Outside of traveling, Kendall spends her time practicing medicine, exercising, attending church, speaking at events around the word as a Professional Corporate Speaker, and spending time with family & friends. 

Sarah Kenny

Currently living in NYC, but born and raised in Boston, Sarah is a gem of a human and life of the party. After graduating from Quinnipiac University, Sarah moved to New York to pursue a career in advertising and currently works as a Director of Partnerships for TIME Magazine. When Sarah isn’t working or traveling she spends time volunteering, running, and socializing with friends, family, and her new nephew.