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Kennie’s Compass is a travel blog and influencer brand brought to you by Kennie & Kenny. We provide city guides and travel recommendations from around the world.

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Kennie’s Compass started as a passion project, on a mission to change the way you travel by sharing our personal journeys and travel tips through our website and social media. Our aim is to help you get your dreams off the ground, experience travel to its fullest, and create lifelong memories! We hope that our website will inspire you and guide you on your own journey, as well as serve as a resource for you to travel smarter, not harder!

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Traveling through pandemics, to foreign locations, and new altitudes can be tough on your bodies. Check out our Travel Health Tips from our very own Nurse Practitioner and everything you need to know to help you stay healthy on your next adventure.


Getting all the information you need to know before visiting a ne city can bve overwhelming. Our travel guides aim to provide you with essential knowledge you can take into your next trip and help save you time when planning your itinerary.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that sometimes it’s difficulte to find basic travel information, we’ve put together a collection of some of our most frequetly aked questions, inclusive of questions we tend to ask before planning our next trip.

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